Textile Strength and Durability Testing

Bursting Strength

Ball ASTM D751/D3787
Mullen (Hydraulic Diaphragm) ASTM D751/D3786
Puncture Resistance ASTM D751/D4833, FTM 101C-2065.1
Seam Strength ASTM D1683

Stretch and Elongation

Stretch Elastic Fabrics ASTM D4964/D5278
Stretch and Recovery ASTM D2594/D3107

Tensile & Tear Strength

Elmendorf ASTM D751/D1424
Tongue ASTM D751/D2261
Trapezoid ASTM D751/D4533/D5587/D5733
Tensile Strength and/or Elongation Grab Method ASTM D751/D5034,FTM 191A-5100
Tensile Strength and/or Elongation Ravel Strip Method ASTM D751/D5035,FTM 191A-5104
Tensile Strength and/or Elongation Ravel Plastic Sheeting ASTM D882
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