Performance Testing

Adhesion FTM 191A-5970
Air Permeability ASTM D737, FTM 191-5450
Blocking ASTM D751, FTM 191A-5872
Coefficient of Friction (Static & Kinetic) ASTM D1894
Hook & Loop Fastener (Peel & Shear) ASTM D5170/5169
Melting Point ASTM D 276, FTM 191A-1534

Resistance to Low Temperature (to – 40° F)milataryuniform

Mandrel Bend ASTM D751
Roller Method ASTM D751,FTM 191A-5874


Cantilever Drape Flex ASTM D1388/D5732
Clark Stiffness FTM 191A-5204
Tinius Olsen ASTM D747,FTM 191A-5202
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